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Continuing on…

Our storyAfter praying, and also because of encouragement from friends and followers of my blog,  I decided to keep writing about my journey of facing my codependency and finding healing.

While I still want to be sensitive to my readers, my friends and family, I am writing with some boundaries in mind.

In order to read my posts and follow along on my blog you will need a password, at least for the time being.

So if you are interested in coming alongside me simply email me at tearsinabottle@yahoo.ca and I will give you the password.




And let me also add, I would love your company, I would love to have those who have walked a similar path of codependency journey with me, whether you are further along in your journey or are only starting out.

I would love to have your input and to hear your stories as well.

Or maybe you just want to walk alongside me, I appreciate that too, because we all need friends in the journey….

Our story