Recovery is…..


I am sharing with you a post from a blog that I follow~Lori Lara…..please be sure and check out her website….you will find a log of wisdom and hope as she shares about her journey of recovery, hope, and the healing power of God’s amazing grace.

Recovery ……

Posted on August 4, 2013 by 

Recovery isn’t about being happy; it’s being at peace with yourself.

Recovery isn’t about righting your wrongs; it’s getting right with God.

Recovery isn’t a destination; it’s taking baby steps in the right direction.

Recovery isn’t about controlling your behavior out of shame; it’s making good choices because you love yourself the way God loves you.

Recovery isn’t about repairing your reputation; it’s letting God develop your character over time.

Recovery isn’t about having strong will power or following self-help programs; it’s being healed and strengthened by the supernatural power of God.

Recovery isn’t about making everything work out the way you want; it’s relinquishing control and letting God work out the details of your life.

Recovery isn’t about following a list rules, to do’s, and shoulds ; it’s being completely and utterly dedicated to the truth.

Recovery isn’t about becoming a better version of yourself; it’s returning to who you were created to be.

May you discovery recovery today…and every day.


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