Love is His unbreakable promise!

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything here and it’s been for a variety of reasons. Partly because I’ve been so busy with the usual things like work and family but also because I am still settling into our new home. But probably the main reason that I have taken some time away from the blog is to pray and seek the Lord as to whether or not I should continue writing….and if I do continue then what direction should I go, and what does my Heavenly Father want me to share now since I’ve shared most of my story up to this point.

So after much contemplation I’ve decided to carry on for awhile and share more of my daily journey, where I am in my walk with the Lord and this season of life I am in. I hope you will join me in this journey and share your thoughts and hearts with me.

I read something the other day about powerlessness that I found to be very profound. Powerlessness seems to be my “Achilles heel” so to speak. This is the area that I continue to grapple with, that I’m still growing in. Even now I still seek to fully understand and find my way through it.

 Author Gregory Dickow says, “Powerlessness is the root cause of all negative feelings and emotions. When we feel powerless to change the past, we feel guilt; when we feel powerless to change our present, we feel depressed; and when we feel powerless to change our futures, we feel afraid.”

As I meditated on this quote I thought about how God has brought so much healing to the wounds and scars left from my past of abuse, rejection and abandonment. God has let me know His love and grace, He has given more than I could have ever imagined.

So many memories prevented me from accepting and knowing His love for me; memories that blocked my ability to experience His love and acceptance. My life seemed weighed down by guilt. And although He has brought healing I am still on a journey of discovery, being set free and learning to walk in His victory….free to know in more than my head, but to know it in my heart that I am truly His Beloved!!

I love the word “Beloved”….It is His term of endearment that says to me, to us, that we are His, we are special to Him… is a love that has no conditions attached to it….Love is His unbreakable promise!!!

7 thoughts on “Love is His unbreakable promise!

  1. Just wanted to let you know, enjoying your blog and finding it very inspiring. Thank you for speaking such good words of life and grace here.


  2. Thank you for reading along….and for your gracious words…but, I have to ask…why did you sign in as “nobody really”?
    I ask this with sincerity and graciously dear sister….you ARE somebody!! You are a beautiful, cherished daughter of the KING!! And that makes you someone of incredible worth and value…to HIm, and to mankind!!
    Sorry if I sound preachy, forgive me if that’s how this comes across…it’s not how I mean it…sadly for too many years I felt that way about myself though. I would call a friend or family member and after they said hello I would say, “its just me”…until a close friend called me on it and said that it wasn’t “just me”…it was someone of worth and someone loved….
    I didn’t realize until she said it that I used to say it in a sort of apologetic way….apologizing that I was just taking up space in this universe, that I wasn’t really worth the time or effort….as the years went by and God continued to pour out HIs love and healing I began to see myself differently…and actually begin to love who God created me as…its been a slow journey but I am a lot more accepting of myself than I once was 🙂

    I hope you will share more of yourself with us…we would love to get to know you better…

    Blessings, Connie


  3. Nov. 2009 you shared, “When we feel powerless to change the past, we feel guilt; when we feel powerless to change our present, we feel depressed; and when we feel powerless to change our futures, we feel afraid.”
    I claim Psalm 91 against the feeling of powerlessness for you and I.
    And also I claim for you and I, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of sound mind.” 2TIm.1:7 – I have had to claim this verse in my life many times. Have a great day. Smiles to you.


    • (((HUGS))) Martha, thank you for the gift of your friendship…and I agree with you in claiming Psalm 91 & 2 Tim 1:7 for us~His Daughters!!
      I sometimes have to claim the verse in 2 Tim daily~and indeed His spirit brings life and freedom!!
      Bless your beautiful heart dear sister!


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