A Captivated Woman~An Irreplaceable Role

I read a wonderful fictional book last year called, Healing Stones, by Stephen Arterburn and Nancy Rue (I highly recommend it and it was like reading my life’s story)…anyway, in it there was a part where the little girl was upset and decided to run away from home. The dad didn’t hurry to go looking for her because he thought she would come back in her own time…when the mom found out she was very upset and said the following; “boys come back….girls wait to be found.”

I found that one line to be very profound and couldn’t quit thinking about it….as women we are made in the image of perfect relationship; we are relational to the core and filled with a desire for transcendent purpose….something magnificent, inspiring and meaningful. As women we want to be needed, desired…we long to be found. We desire to be part of, an irreplaceable part, of a shared adventure .As women we don’t come alive from merely being useful.

There is fierceness and strength even in a woman. Just look at what happens if her child, a friend or husband is being threatened….. At the heart of a woman is a warrior too….but in a uniquely feminine way.

 I remember as a young girl having the desire to be a part of something magnificent, something bigger than myself…I wonder if all young women dream this way….of something significant, sensing that we have a vital role to play, believing there is something in us that is needed and needed desperately…. before doubt and accusation fire their deadly arrows, before the sorrows and troubles of life take aim to kill the desire in us.

 I can’t help but wonder if our Heavenly Father doesn’t desire to be needed as well….. to play an irreplaceable role in our lives….inviting us to share in the adventure with Him…. is this not woven all through out Scripture.

As women we love adventure of all sorts…horseback riding, skydiving, traveling to a foreign country, having children, starting a business, all sorts of things….seeking after God~choosing to be a part of the adventure….an adventure that is shared.

There are times though I confess that what appeals to me most is to live as a hermit, a monk, a solitary person…no demands, no pain, no disappointment because I’ve been hurt, wounded or worn out.

Yet, when I pause long enough and search my heart I realize that I don’t want to run away for very long…..my life, our lives are meant to be lived with others, we are made for connection.


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