I called~ He answered

I called~He answered

I was lost~He found me

I was broken~ He restored

I was bruised~ He mended

I was unclean~He cleansed me

I was bitter~ He gave me joy

I was in ashes~ He gave me beauty

I was alone~ He became my refuge

I was wounded~He healed

I was angry~ He became my calm

I was despairing~ He gave me hope

I was fearful~ He gave me boldness

I was abandoned~ He adopted me

I stumbled ~ He carried me

I was in bondage ~ He broke the chains

I was powerless~ He rescued me

I was depressed~ He gave me peace

I was stained~ He made me holy

I was sinful~His sacrifice me righteous


He is Grace

He is Compassion

He is Mercy

He is Forgiveness

He is Holy

He is Righteous

He is Beautiful

He is The Healer

He is my Refuge in the storm

He is Faithful

He is Patience

He is Hope

He is The Life

He is The Truth

He is the Way

He is Love

He is Jesus



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