The Untold Stories

This post will be a change in direction from my usual posts but I have felt so burdened as of late… heart is heavy and weeps over the cultural oppression & abuse of women in the Middle East… and the oppression & abuse of women in North America as well…indeed around the world.

A young woman we know has just returned from Cambodia after working with the organization called, Daughters of Cambodia. Daughters is a Non Government organization reaching out to victims of sex trafficking in Cambodia. Tragically, a large proportion of the girls and young women are knowingly sold to traffickers or brothels by their families, with children as young as four having been sold into the sex industry in Cambodia. Daughters of Cambodia

Some of the stories she shared broke my heart and I found it hard to get the images out of my mind, almost wishing I’d never heard them…that I could remain blissfully unaware….but I am aware, and I’ve wept deeply…and I’ve felt such anger, anger at the enemy who continues to destroy lives… and I’ve prayed….Oh God, where do I put this, what do I do with this….Lord Jesus come …..come for these children, these women….Oh God…


 And I also recieved an email from Lee J. Grady, editor of Charisma magazine regarding the movie about to be released; The Stoning of Soraya M.

And this is his editorial regarding the movie;

The untold story


My heart is just so very heavy and burdened today….


4 thoughts on “The Untold Stories

  1. There are an estimated 20 million slaves in the world today, many of them women and children. It is unconscionable.

    See if you can get a copy of the Sept. 2003 National Geographic. They have a tremendous article entitled “21st Century Slaves” that exposes this world-wide curse. It is a very brave and courageous article – they name many countries that would shock us where sexual slavery is practiced quite openly and even legally. Some of these nations are our close allies. Why can’t we withhold foreign aid money until those countries make slavely illegal, return the women and children to their home countries with full restitution (as if such were even possible, but they certainly deserve something), and severely punish the traffickers?

    Maybe we can’t do that b/c slavery is a burgeoning business in this country. The NG article discusses this.

    Another book that blows the cover off this disgusting industry is “The Franklin Cover-Up” by former U.S. Congressman John W. DeCamp (available on His book concentrates on slave trafficking in the U.S.

    Finally, here are two links for articles that will sink your heart further, but need to be read. As I read these articles, I am saddened, but I am also moved to pray for these unfortunate victims. Someone needs to read these and pray, and who else but Christians?

    From the NY Times:
    From ABC News (Diane Sawyer interview with a trafficer):
    You will not believe the arrogance of this man!

    Anyway, I appreciate your courage to broach this subject and make your readers aware of one of the greatest injustices of our age. This is an injustice that is rarely even breathed by our public leaders and officials, even though it is a world-wide epidemic far more severe than some of the flus circulately right now.



  2. These stories need to be told. I was deeply affected by reading A Thousand Splendid Suns – have you read it? Thank you for this important post.


  3. Lisa, I haven’t read this book but I will definitely look into it…thank you.
    Warren, once again thank you for sharing so much important information….I will check out the other blog~thank you!!


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