Of Men and Angels

Today while standing in a spacious bookstore I picked up a book about letting go of spiritual burdens.  As I touched the pages I felt a great comfort, remembering with gratitude a God who lifts burdens like mine.  

“Excuse me.”  The stranger’s voice startled me.  I looked up to see a confident and attractive man, maybe five or ten years younger than me.  Confused, I wondered if I’d given him the impression that I worked there.  If you had offered me a million guesses I could have never predicted what would come out of his mouth next:  “I think you’re GORGEOUS!”.  With that and a smile, he simply spun around and walked away.  By the time I had recovered enough to stammer ‘thank you’ he was safely out of hearing range.

Sometimes I wonder if angels still roam the earth, disguised as men.

5 thoughts on “Of Men and Angels

  1. How totally awesome is that Lisa!! I love it when God sends messengers specifically to speak to our feminine hearts!!


  2. I just chuckled so much while reading this…the exact thing happened to me recently except I was in a restaurant. The irony of the event was that I was feeling lower and uglier than ever that day and praying specifically for Gods healing in this area. Couldn’t believe that anyone could see any beauty in me that day and especially not a man. God has quite a sence of humor doesn’t He?


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