How to Feel Pain

What should we do with pain?  I’ve tried repression and denial.  I’ve tried boxing it up and walling it off.  But ignored pain festers and grows stronger when I’m not looking.  I’ve tried honest acceptance.  I’ve tried knowing it and walking through it.  But like waves in the ocean there is a lurking undertow that can pull me down too deep.  

There is a third choice.  Between blindness and indulgence lies a place of safety.  I must be present with my pain.  I must experience it for what it is and allow it to pass through me.  Like lightening flashes down a rod on its way to the ground, pain is not meant to linger.  I must let the pain pass through me and go to God.  He stands waiting to receive it.  He stands ready to bring comfort.

God bless you!

2 thoughts on “How to Feel Pain

  1. Hmmm, I know this is not coincidence…but providential that you write about this…thank you…I am slowly understanding this….


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