Why I chose Tamarshope….

I have been asked why I chose the name Tamarshope as a pen name for our blog….well, I chose Tamar for two reasons. The Tamar that comes to one’s mind first is usually King David’s daughter. The horrifying facts of Tamar’s experience- not only the rape itself but the effect it had on her future and her emotional well-being- are not too far from the experiences of many women today, including myself.
But praise God that He has the power to restore our hope and to heal us.

But I also chose Tamar as a reflection of the other Tamar, found in Genesis 38, again in Ruth 4:12 and Matthew 1:3. I have learned a lot from this Tamar as to what it means to be an ezer.

In John Eldridge’s book, “Wild at Heart” a woman is described as a maiden waiting in a tower for a man to rescue her- a description that has troubled a lot of women. Tamar turns the tables. She is an ezer-warrior who rescues men. She carries out a stunning rescue of Judah’s two dead sons with her twins, Perez and Zerah. She saves both Er and Onan from extinction, despite their wickedness.

As I have studied Tamar I have been amazed at her strength, she wasn’t called righteous for her quiet and gentle spirit. She was righteous by being strong and assertive. She confronted Judah for turning his back on God’s covenant and her courageous actions led him back to God. He called her righteous.

Judah gave Tamar the highest marks for her conduct and accepted her righteous rebuke. Her actions didn’t emasculate or feminize him. She didn’t rob Judah of his manhood. To the contrary he became a better man because of his encounter with her.
I wonder what would have become of Judah had Tamar held her peace and remained passive?

She has expanded my understanding of “ezer” and in her I see that the strength of a woman is a powerful weapon for rescue, healing, and peace when women like Tamar are “strong in the Lord”. She is an ezer and expands the range of the ezer’s influence beyond hearth and home to encompass her father-in-law and God’s covenant with his people.

Although her tactics would not work today, the principles she represents do. How do we today as God’s Daughters live for righteousness in our relationships and circumstances?

And so like both of the women called Tamar, it has been and continues to be my prayer that my heavenly Father would plant something new in my life, a sprig of hope that will set me on a new course. And He continues to help me live in the present, spending my emotional energy on this moment rather than squandering them on regrets about the past or anxieties about the future.

 I am like Tamar, because the beauty of my story is in God’s power to bring positive from negative, to bring good out of tragedy, and blessing out of less than honorable events.

These women in the Bible give me hope, because Jesus loved these women. And like these women God also invited me, out of the shadows and into His arms, He called my name, and gave me a new name~Beloved~

I was thirsty and He gave me His living water, He called me to live. He takes me in His arms and draws me close. And as I learn to dance in the arms of my Lord I go where He leads, turn where He directs, follow in His footsteps, and grow in His love….

Jesus is my living hope…He took me by the hand and walked me out of the dark and into the light….no longer afraid…but rather He continues to offer me hope… for healing and for freedom….because in the arms of Christ I am given grace, dignity, peace and a righteous confidence. Because I finally see that since the day I was born, God has been passionately in love with me…and His invitation is life!
“I have heard your prayer and seen your tears.
I will heal you.”
2 Kings 20:5

I am His Beloved!

3 thoughts on “Why I chose Tamarshope….

  1. Great reply! I’m glad I asked the question. You have some pretty savvy biblical knowledge there. I immediately thought of the first Tamar but not the second. Great job of assimilating the situations and identities of these two distinct women (one wounded; one warrior) into one functional personality.

    Note: please take a look at my post for today on Don McPherson and his mission.


  2. Warren, thank you…I never thought about it the way you worded it before~two distinct women…one wounded;one warrior, and weaving the two into one functional personality…I had to chuckle because truthfully that is often what I feel like!! God is good!!

    ((((Lynn))))…you have such a beautiful spirit…here you are in the midst of one of your biggest battles and yet you reach out in love….you are amazing…our God is AMAZING!! Praying for you!!


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