Children in need

The following post was sent to me and I felt that it needed to be shared here as well in order to bring it to the attention of as many people as possible~thank you Sunny!

Just wanted to send a little shout out that this is Child Abuse Awareness Month. is putting out staggering statistics that human trafficking for sex and labor trade is the biggest illegal trade and profit in our world today – which means it is in the most demand. As awareness grows more and more in our nation for this issue, I just continue to pray that involvement will catch up to the need . . . that God will raise up people willing to get involved and make a difference!

Not to dilute any other month or the ongoing need but in the spirit of awareness this month, I wanted to ask you all to take a moment to pray with me for these children in particular. And to pray for the organizations below. Also consider becoming a member to support them in the fight for children. Recently, Oprah featured John Walsh on her program and he encouraged people to write a letter to their senators and congressmen asking them to support Adam Walsh’s Act- which aids greatly in fighting for exploited children.

Since her organization provides a well-written letter and very easy access to sign and send this letter to your Senators, I’m including the website below:

The first non-profit organization I’d like to share with you is one started by a friend who is heading back to Thailand . . . her name is Celeste and she is an amazing person. She has worked with a lot of young people and organizations over the past several years and feel God has put a burden on her heart for a real need to help young boys in Thailand. She has helped boys from age 8 and up. She is doing something many are not willing to. She doesn’t know that I’m asking for prayers for her, but I know that any prayers or support would be greatly appreciated by her and those she helps. I truly appreciate her heart. The work she does is life-changing . . .

Some organizations to pray for:

Father, I just thank You for Your Great love to us all. I ask for Your special empowerment for these groups and individuals, like Celeste, who are actively working to make a difference in the lives of children in need. That they will have more and more open doors to be able to do what needs to be done and the support to do it. Father, I just ask for Your abundant grace and protection on the innocent children who have found themselves forced into a horror that only Your love and Your intervention and intervention by others can help and heal. Help us to help them. To love as You want us to love. And to widen our hearts to their need and how we can serve. In Jesus’ name . . .

Thank you so much for praying with me! Thank you for caring. I know there are many other organizations and the more the better! But these are a few I’ve had some contact with, so I’m mentioning these in particular.

God’s blessings on you all . . .


One thought on “Children in need

  1. This was an important post. The Human Trafficking scandal is so horrible … what many Americans don’t know is that our own country is one of the prime destinations for girls kidnapped in this country as well as girls from the impoverished eastern block countries (Ukraine, etc.) and Mexico. Many of these victims are kids, only 18 years old and sometimes younger. Another sad truth: a couple of our favorite allies are also prime destinations for these poor victims. I’m glad you are writing about this. I’ve sent out a lot of emails but people really don’t want to hear about it. Yet, with awareness, we could end it.


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