Nothing to Say?

Just over a year ago Connie and I decided to start this blog.  At that time I had a written down a few stories already.  Well, more like vomited them out to be honest.  You can read them in the category called ‘A Farewell to Shame.’  I thought at that time that what I had written was all I had to say.  

Somehow, we’ve managed to keep this blog going for over a year now.  Now I find myself at a crossroads – and I’m not sure where I want to go.  We wanted to write a blog about child abuse.  We wanted to provide resources and community – or at least a listening ear to anyone who needed it.  I think we’ve done that to some extent.  I don’t know if we helped anyone else, but I got a lot better by writing.

Now as I look at the computer screen in front of me I ask myself – where do I go from here?  The burning need to rehash the past has gone – healed mostly – believe it or not!  I’m closer – so much closer – to God than I was a year ago and surprisingly He is not who I thought He was – He’s MUCH MUCH better!  So… where do I go from here?  Do I stop writing?  Do I take a break?  Do I change course – writing about Christian life and walk and healing – not healing alone?  Do I continue to stay anonymous?  These are the questions I’ve been asking myself and God.  Now I’d like to ask you.  Where do I go from here?

6 thoughts on “Nothing to Say?

  1. Where ever God leads you next…in His timing You are such a blessing to the whole world. He knows. He still has His eye on you ;>)


  2. Very good question, I’ve been mulling this same thing over and over in my mind too…feeling like I have nothing more to say and yet, still so much to say….what would the next level look like….so for awhile I will sit and ponder too, waiting, wondering…listening….


  3. My thought comes to the question of what does God often want to accomplish through healing? I believe the answer lies somewhere in advocacy.

    You both have paved a path . . . unique and yet a shared vision.

    I’ll pause to pray God leads you both where He wants you . . . and confident that He will.

    Yours and Tamarshope’s blogs have been special to me . . . they don’t just address those who have experienced abuse, but the need for healing and for letting God bring His love and purpose to a life that doesn’t make sense, or has a great sense of loss or wounds.

    I look forward to seeing what God inspires in you both!


  4. Thank you all so much for your thoughtful responses and thank you for your faithful readership that has been so inspirational to me this year. I love you – really!


  5. In most blogs it’s what do I feel like sharing today…I believe here it has been what does God want me to share today…so that is what you listen to.
    I will tell you in all honesty that I would not be on this website at all if it weren’t for this blog and truthfully in the depths of my depression were it not for your honesty & vulnerability & obedience I would not even be alive. I am not being dramatic I am telling you that because you were obedient (not because of what you wrote, but because you listened to God) He prompted you to write just the right things to spark my heart from not giving up. From ther I found the support of different groups .
    For both of you wonderful gals, just keep asking him the same questions & he will lead you whether to write or not…it will be the right decision..

    and thank you for what you have already
    given of yourselves.

    god Bless


  6. Lynn, I’m simply overwhelmed with your comment – and so humbled. I’m at a loss for words.

    Other than this – you are such a blessing to so many and I’m so thankful you are still here serving God every day!


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