Beyond The Mask

Beyond the mask
Our greatest fears
Beyond the mask
Flows uncried tears
Beyond the mask
Much pain and hurt
The brokenness of a human heart.

Beyond the mask
Too deep to measure
The thoughts and memories buried there
No amount of pleasure can repair.

Beyond the mask
Bitterness and anger are strongly rooted
Is there a love that can ever uproot this?
Beyond the mask
Dare we journey there?
But the constant hate and turmoil who alone can bear?

Beyond the mask
That lonely place where no-one seems to care or love us.
Yes, it’s such unpleasant ground,
Yet it’s in this very same place that healing is found

Beyond the mask
Go deep,deep, deep beyond.
God will you give the courage and strength to journey on.
Beyond the mask
Reality, truth and those inward parts the years so well conceal.
Take off the mask,
Begin to peel …
How beautiful – when you are revealed!

By Gemma


2 thoughts on “Beyond The Mask

  1. God gives “treasures of darkness.”

    It is in the darkness where I’ve learned to walk most transparently and finding a deeper freedom, having to walk only in His light. Being led by a way I did not know.

    And the masks that served as bloodied bandages came off as His hands healed me.

    Thank you for the beautiful words and reminder . . .


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