Another area in dealing with our fears that I’ve had to face is the tendency to run. Sexual abuse often teaches victims to run from everything. Because the abuse makes them feel helpless and hopeless.

There is an analogy that John Splinter uses regarding victims who continue to run. “If you’ve ever run away from a threatening dog, you’ve probably been bitten. Dogs tend to nip at those who run from them. But most dogs can be faced down and overcome with words such as “NO! Down! Bad! Go home! Stop!” To build a lifetime of running has the same effect of being bitten many times.

Although it is better to face the dogs than to run from them it is easier said than done! Have you ever taken a moment to name some of your most fearsome “dogs”?

I am coming to see that my constant running only reinforces a sense of helplessness & powerlessness, and erodes my self-confidence and self-respect. What do you think? Do you find yourself running when faced with certain situations or feelings? I know I still do at times, and although I don’t always want to name them and face them I am finding that I must. I am tired of running!


One thought on “Running…..

  1. these are two great posts – there’s such freedom available to us if we can just start to take it – thank you so much for listening to God and sharing these thoughts with us!


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