Our Duty

It is up to us

to hallow Creation,

to respond to Life

with the fullness of our lives.

It is up to us 

to meet the World,

the embrace the Whole

even as we wrestle

with its parts.

It is up to us

to repair the World

and to bind our lives to the Truth.


Therefore we bend the knee

and shake off the stiffness that keeps us

from the subtle graces of Life 

and the supple gestures of Love.

With reverence

and thanksgiving

we accept our destiny

and set for ourselves 

the task of redemption.

— Rami M. Shapiro


I love this Jewish prayer.  It reminds me that it’s OK to embrace God’s love and healing even though I still struggle with the details.  It reminds me that works of redemption and maturity are my sacred duty that makes the world a better place.  It reminds me that prayer is the pathway to wholeness for myself and for those I love.

God bless you dear reader.




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