For Tyler McMillan


The tragic murder of Tyler McMillan last summer is still fresh on our hearts and minds.  A gag order has been enforced in the case, but commenters on our original blog post have shared updates regarding the criminal proceedings.

A commenter on this blog has started a facebook cause to remember Tyler and to stand for justice in the criminal trials of Tyler’s father and step-mother.

If you are a facebook member, one way you can help is to join the cause.  Another way to help is to make a donation to Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

We must all be more acutely aware of the signs and symptoms of child abuse as a result of Tyler’s death and be willing to report suspected cases of child abuse to authorities for investigation.

What else can we do to work to ensure justice for Tyler within our legal system?  What else can we do to make sure what happened to Tyler doesn’t happen to another innocent child?  Please add your thoughts and comments below.

2 thoughts on “For Tyler McMillan

  1. How do we report child abuse? What will DSS act on if reported? Can you report child abuse without giving your name? Can you report mental abuse? What happens once something is reported? What are the signs to look for? We all talk about what happend which is terrible beyond belief but no one talks about what we can do to prevent it from happening and what steps to take.


  2. Good questions Travis. The best number to call if you suspect any kind of abuse is the anonymous hotline below.

    The Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-4-A-CHILD

    Also in the category ‘About Child Abuse’ on this blog we have posted signs to look for regarding various forms of child abuse and links to helpful websites. We’re still adding information as we find it.


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