Thankful Musings

Today in America is a day to give thanks.  I must have more reason than anyone I know to be grateful.  Here are just a few:

  • two beautiful and intelligent daughters who love me and their dad and God
  • a strong and good husband who loves me enough to die for me
  • a church family where I feel at home and loved and accepted
  • friends for the journey who really care
  • this blog where I can express myself
  • my blogging partner who is a faithful sister to me
  • readers who take the time to stop by and offer an encouraging comment or share a common struggle
  • a job I really enjoy that provides for my family (that means a lot to a kid who grew up on welfare)
  • the beginnings of long awaited healing with the promise of more
  • courage to take a hard look inside myself and ease the grip of fear
  • God – my true King and Lord and Father – who still hasn’t given up on me

What are some things you are thankful for?


One thought on “Thankful Musings

  1. Yes, we have much to be thankful for…
    -my Lord and Savior, who’s arms I can run too when I need a safe place and whose arms carry me when I cannot walk alone. There is healing in His wings!!
    -for God’s Word, in it I find my true self and who I really am and discover who God truly is.
    -my husband of 31 years, who continues to stand beside me and has weathered every storm with me. He is my warrior husband, the love of my life.
    -my daughters whom I love with all that I am and love me back
    -my grandchildren who are the joy of my heart and are good for my soul
    -my special son-in-laws whom God gave me to complete our family
    -for breath
    -for health, a body that can move freely, designed by it’s Creator who says that I am fearfully and wonderfully made!!
    -for kindred hearts,friends both in the flesh and online who walk side by side offering love and the blessings of friendship
    -for fresh air
    -for the beauty of nature where my soul is refreshed and finds peace
    -for my warm, soft & cuddly bed
    -for food that nourishes my body
    -for my church family who offer me a place of refuge and safety, who hold me accountable and love me anyway!
    -I am thankful for the promises my Heavenly Father offers…life abundantly given to me by the Author of Life!!


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