A picture….

Have you ever gone through photos of yourself as a child and has one ever jumped out at you? I encourage you to do this little experiment and find a photo of yourself before age 10. Put the picture where you can see it often, and talk to her. Sounds strange I know, but hang in here with me.

 You many need to look through all your photos until you find “the one”…the one that would show you anything that you might believe about yourself. Keep looking until you find the one that speaks to you.

You’ll know the one when you see it. The one of the little girl who calls out to you to find out what you believed about yourself the day the picture was taken.

After you have put it where you can see it often then talk to her (or him for the men reading along) and ask her what she believes about herself.

After you’ve given yourself some time, days perhaps, sit down and write a letter to the little girl. Tell her whatever you want to tell her. Why? Because she is the only one who goes far enough back with you to help you see how you got here, where you are today.

This is not an easy exercise, but one that I found to be helpful. It asks us to offer encouragement to ourselves, to parent ourselves. What would you, as an adult, tell that little girl?…what words would you offer to her?…As a grown woman, a mother now,I can take the photo of myself as a little girl and hold it to my chest, the maternal in me reaching out to that small child…. I can weep for her, I can offer love and encouragement, and I can tell her the truth.

Whatever it is in the picture that needs to be spoken to-speak it or perhaps it’s what’s missing in the photo that needs to be offered-then offer it. Write it all down….be gentle with this little girl, this child.

And let the tears come…let them fall…there is healing in the release of tears. Our Lord has promised healing…

If you choose to do this with a photo of yourself, and if you feel that you can, I would love to hear what was revealed to you…what encouragement and truth you offered to that little girl…


One thought on “A picture….

  1. I love this post! I recently discovered an old picture of myself about six or seven years old. I have spent so much time looking at it – I feel so alive when I see it. It’s a great reminder to me of the person I was meant to be.


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