A House Divided

part of me has put the past behind me

                    part of me is still angry about being abused

part of me feels like a responsible adult

                    part of me still feels six years old

part of me responds appropriately to every crisis

                    part of me still flies off the handle without thinking things through


part of me wants most of all to fit in

                    part of me still wants be heard

part of me makes excuses for people 

                    part of me still treasures the truth about them

part of me pardons those who hurt me

                    part of me still cries out for justice


part of me lives in a state of denial

                    part of me is still honest

part of me belittles whatever is messy

                    part of me still refuses to be silenced

part of me is precious to God

                    part of me is still precious to God


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