Writer’s Block

When Connie and I talked about starting this blog I had already written all the stories in the category ‘A Farewell to Shame’.  I knew I could post those one at a time but I didn’t think I had anything else to say.  I posted those stories and surprised myself when more blog posts came in between.  This week has been a dry spell.  I find myself pausing to dip my bucket one more time into wisdom’s well – wondering what I’m going to draw out next.

My life is something like this blog.  Sometimes God seems so close to me I can feel Him.  Sometimes His presence seems like a distant memory.  Both ways of feeling are important along this journey.  When the cycle loops around again I remember the opposite extreme and remind myself that it’s all part of a process.  I imagine myself spiraling inward toward the relationship with Him I was meant to have.

Where are you in your walk with God tonight?


3 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. Hmmm, yes I know what it’s like to have writers block…for me all to often something will come to my mind and yet as I sit down to write I end up thinking that no one really wants to hear about what may be on my heart….and so I let it go,I don’t write…like a vapor it disappears into the unknown…

    Where am I in my walk right now?…there is stirring within me a deep yearning, longing…. desiring to hear only His voice, to quiet the outside noises long enough to quiet my heart and listen for the still small voice…the voice that I know so well yet the voice that gets drowned out by the everyday, the urgent, the mundane busyness of life…

    And then… when I quiet my heart long enough I hear His voice whispering to me, asking me to stand up on the inside when life throws a curve ball, this is what my heart longs to hear and desires to obey….to rest in His assurance that He is enough…to know that no matter what other’s may say about me, no matter what circumstance comes to try and destroy me, God is my Father and He knows me…really knows me and He in the end is all that matters!! What other’s may do or think I take and lay at His altar…it is not mine to carry…I can let it go….


    • Hi-I’ve read through the first 3 1/2 categories, and have cried more than I wanted to, and not near what I’m about to. God has spoken to me more clearly than I’ve let into my heart, in along time. I’ve felt , actually felt, and not just thought about my feelings that I have had toward myself. It’s so painful, but not as painful has holding on to all the hurt, shame, fear and pain that I’ve carried for 29 years. Although, I still have my hands holding on to the stones, my grip has loosened because I want to hold my Fathers hand. Thank you! Kristina


  2. Kristina, I know what it is to cry more than we really want to….and to actually feel the pain…and although we might be tempted to turn from the pain and hold it tightly, hiding it from God and everyone, including ourselves, it never really disappears does it…. God can’t heal or mend what we so desperately cling to, what we keep hidden from Him…it’s only in opening our hands, in opening our hearts that we can recieve His tender, loving care & healing….just like a child who brings his broken toy to be fixed but won’t hand over the toy to the parent…how often are we not like that child, afraid to let go, afraid of the pain but also afraid of the unknown and what it will look like to let it go~the pain is all we’ve known….but God has promised to come to us and heal us…continue to let the stones fall away Kristina, one at a time, and I know that as each one falls the grip our Father God has on your hand will tighten as He embraces your hand within His might, gentle hand!! You can trust Him!!


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