The Eternal One

We humans want to give God a name. To describe, to understand, to measure, to relate, ultimately to control. This desire is not a new phenomenon. Thousands of years ago Moses stood in God’s presence and asked His CREATOR to define Himself. ‘Whom shall I say sent me?’ God replied, ‘I AM WHO I AM’.

God simply and always IS.

The Hebrew Tetragammon YOD – HEH – VAU – HEH is a description of EXISTENCE – with each of the four letters condensed from the words ‘I was’, ‘I am’, and ‘I will be’. This word sometimes translated as Jehovah in English and considered too holy to utter in Hebrew is less a name than a declaration that the ONE being described is indescribable. He is the ONE who cannot be named.

Who, then, is this ONE we love? He is CREATOR, PROVIDENT, LORD OF HOSTS, KING, REDEEMER, the ONE who SEES. He is the HOLY ONE, the LORD who SANCTIFIES, the COMPASSIONATE. He is our PEACE.

God is Himself the answer to all of life’s questions. Why, then, is life so hard? Partly because our relationship with God is the center of a spiritual battle and is met with brutal opposition. Partly because we hold back. We want to maintain control of our lives and our destinies. In the process we trade our divine birthright for a life of quiet desperation. We settle for a compromise: to keep the status quo and add on a little bit of God.

But God wants it all. The metaphor of Christian baptism is an expression of our desire to give God everything. To dive into His love with reckless abandon, to be caught up in the rush of our living commitment to Him. The song Dive by Stephen Curtis Chapman speaks of God as a deep and compelling river and urges each of us to throw ourselves headlong into the adventure He is calling us to. May you dive in to life with Him.


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