He is waiting to dance….

I was browsing through my folder today and came across this…truthfully, because I read so much I am not really sure where I got this from…most likely I read something somewhere and it prompted these words….so these are likely the words of other writer’s mingled with mine…it’s a testement to so many good author’s when they write words that speak so deeply to our hearts that we forget where their words end and ours begin….. I  pray these words speak deeply to the feminine hearts reading here….you are beautiful!!

 The bride at the wedding, she is veiled in splendid couture.   She is beautiful, Oh my goodness, is she beautiful!  This is the day she has waited for.  These are the moments she has planned.  The dress is fabulous.  Her hair is perfect.  The veil.  The jewels.  The makeup.  The nails.  The gorgeous lingerie underneath.  Manicured.  Pedicured.  Facialed and exfoliated.  This woman has been styled and sprayed, straightened and smoothed.  She could not be more breathtaking.  She is beautiful and she knows it.  Maybe for the first time in her life, she walks into the room and experiences what it feels like to have every eye on her.

 There is something about knowing you are beautiful.  You begin to act beautiful and think beautiful.  You smile a lot and move with grace.  The woman who is beautiful is alluring and captivating.

 When a woman knows that she is a beautiful bride, you can see it in her eyes; she is confident.  Brides walk down the aisle believing that they are loved and accepted and desired.  And when a woman walks in that kind of truth, she is made secure.  She stands a little taller.  Her eyes are brighter.  Her words are sure.

 She doesn’t have to second-guess herself.  She leans into the moment and let’s herself believe in her abilities, passions, and gifts.  She is not arrogant.  She is just peaceful and assured.  Somebody is wild about her.  Somebody calls her beautiful.

In her confidence and beauty, the bride hears only the words of promise instead of the whispers of unbelief.  She turns away from what has been and looks toward the future to imagine what might be.  She rebukes the bully of fear and trusts in the devotion she has found.

                                                                            The king is enthralled with your beauty;

  Honor him, for he is your lord

 Psalm 45:11

 Verses 13-15 go on to describe how God treats his woman that he is wild about.  Like a princess.  If God calls you His bride or His princess, would you just let it be so?  Can you just rest in His delight for you?

 Can you hear me?  Would you trust the words from scripture?  God calls you and me His brideReally.  You are a princess to Him.  Truly.  He is wild for you.  Please believe it.  His love for you is unfailing.  You do not have to doubt it any longer.

Before you were . . . the moment God first thought of you . . . when He smiled over the purpose and plansHe was making for your life – right then, He fashioned for Himself a woman that He fell in love with.  A woman of beauty and strength.  A woman worthy of being called a princess.  A woman made to long for her place . . . the place of the beautiful bride.

 When I get to Heaven, will God say to me? “You lived in fear and doubt.  You wallowed around in pain and loneliness when I was calling to you all the time.  I kept saying to you, ‘You are My princess.  You are My bride.  You are beautiful and lovely to Me.  You can do it.  Just believe Me.  I am here.  Everything I have said to you is true.  Jump into My arms and dance with Me’.”

 I want you to know the freedom and strength that come from believing so deeply that you are left with no other option.  I want you to dance in the arms of God no matter where life has you right now.  In your pain.  In your despair.  In your loneliness.  In your exhaustion.  In the swirl of children and family and schedules.  Wherever you are, however alone you may feel, don’t miss the words God wants to speak to you.

 Sisters, when you and I are dancing in the arms of God, we are close enough to Him to hear Him whisper.  We begin to dance as He dances, move as He moves, and go where He leads.  It’s not so much about me anymore, it’s more about us.  God with me.  Never alone.  Intimate.

 If you have believed all your life that you are relegated to wallflower status, to being the one left out, the one never asked to dance…then I am praying that by now you know that is the lie Satan wants you to believe.  The enemy likes for you to feel less than.  He wants you to believe you’re not good enough.  He wants you to be hesitant and afraid.  He wants you to keep saying, “I could never dance like that.”  He knows that your whole life will change if you choose to remain in the arms of God.

 Whether blue skies or dark of night, one truth still holds:  God has you.  And this is the promise He has made to you:  He will never let you go.  Will you rest your head on His shoulder and trust?  Will you let Him be God so that you can be cared for?  Will you stop turning away and just dance in His arms?

 It is time to be the woman who walks into the room and know in the deepest places of your soul that God calls you beautiful.  There is a peace and strength and energy that come from belonging to Him.  There is a confidence that is captivating.  I want to be that woman.  Everything inside me wants to be a woman who moves with that kind of grace and assurance.  Let Him make you captivating.


 It is time . . .  my precious, little butterfly, It is time . . .   butterfly

enjoy dancing in His arms.


5 thoughts on “He is waiting to dance….

  1. this is the second time i’ve heard this message in less than a week

    different words – different style – different person – same message

    when that happens i try to pay attention
    thank you!


  2. Thank you for your post. I remember feeling like such a princess. I have lost that sense of value through wrong decisions and living with the results in my face. My desire is to grow again in that knowledge in spite of where I live that I am still His bride. He knows my heart but I am still questioning how He can see me clothed in righteousness when I know I have failed Him. Pray for my growth.

    Thanks for writing.


  3. Kathy, thank you for sharing with us here….I too know what it is like question how God can see us as a bride clothed in righteousness….especially when we fail Him- as we all do….but it is a journey, and if you are willing to take the first step, He will walk you through this and help you to believe in His love and acceptance, and to see yourself as His radiant, spotless bride who is clothed in righteousness…praying for you.


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