Today I choose…

Today I am beginning to open the doors.

It may be a long time before I can pry some of them open.

I have hidden many memories behind them.

I may become frightened as I begin opening these doors.

I may become very angry as I open them.

I may weep and experience desperate sadness.

I may experience a sense of being more alone than I have ever

dared to imagine.

But today I am beginning to open doors.


Today I have charted my course.

I am not going to turn back now.

I am committed to my tomorrows, to new freedom, to feeling

pure again, and to healthy relationships.

I am committed to wholeness.

and God is committed to my healing also.


I have been abused.

Today I will begin sharing my story, as I am able.

I will not keep it a secret any longer.

I don’t want to carry this burden one more day of my life.

I want to feel clean and pure again.

I want to look people in the eyes and smile warmly, openly. I want to know that they love me.


Today I am willing to let God help me.

I will not ask Him to do for me that which I am

not willing to do for myself, to move from victim to victor…

I know there is healing that only He can

accomplish within me- healing that I cannot

do alone.


Today I am going to begin to let other’s help me too.

They don’t have all the answers, but they can help me learn to

trust again.


Today I am beginning to open the doors.

I want the wholeness of sunlight and happiness in my life.

Although I can’t change the past, I can begin to shape my todays and tomorrows.

Today I begin. This is my journey toward wholeness. I will not turn back.

(Adapted from the Healing Path-John P. Splinter)



5 thoughts on “Today I choose…

  1. Tamar,

    This is it!!!! this is the post you sent me two years ago that “rocked” me. it was the first thing I heard from anyone that let me feel “normal”. there was a path I could choose that lead to hope not despair. I was such a mess & God used this quote to start to put the pieces back together.



  2. Lynn, ((((((sending big cyber hugs your way))))))…I am so glad that it ministered to you. I read it from time to time just to remind me that it’s a journey and we don’t walk alone, and it’s a journey that calls for courage and honesty.
    I am honored to walk with you dear sister. Bless you.


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