The Lord Will Provide

OK. Relax for a moment. Take a deep breath. Imagine….

You walk into a hotel room and notice the sheets on your bed are already turned down. You are greeted by the fragrance of a bouquet of your favorite flowers. You see a piece of art that stirs and inspires you hanging above the dresser. A song is playing that brings you back to a special time long ago. What do you conclude? Someone who knows you well knew you were coming.

The world we live in is like that hotel room. God knows us well and knew we were coming. Two aspects of the created universe reveal the nature of God: its beauty and its order. Listen to this:
For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made. (Romans 1:20 – NKJV)
The creation points to God on every scale. Consider the complex dance of chemistry within the structures of a single human cell. Or the intricate design in the delicate wing of a dragonfly. Can you imagine what it must be like to swim alone alongside a massive blue whale?

Think about what you experience with your senses. Have you ever lost your breath at the view from a mountaintop? Have you been overcome by the powerful rush of a waterfall? When is the last time you were delighted by the warbles and trills of a skylark – or inhaled the intoxicating fragrance of honeysuckles? Have you noticed how the vibrant colors of the autumn leaves stand in contrast to the darkness of tree trunks on a misty day? What does all this stir in you? Someone knew you were coming!

And then there are the things that make you scratch your head and ask ‘really, God!?’ Really now, have you ever really looked in the eyes of a red-eyed tree frog? When’s the last time you considered the economies of a dung beetle? Have you ever tried to throw your arms around a giraffe’s neck? I mean really, have you ever caught a glimpse of a baboon’s butt? It’s enough to make you throw back your head and laugh at creation’s magnificent absurdity.

God knew you were coming today. This moment is for you. God invited you here to be your joyful partner in this day; to whisper words of comfort and of courage.

God’s name is ELOHIM. He is CREATOR. He is PRESERVER, TRANSCENDENT, MIGHTY and STRONG. With every dance the creation sings a hymn of it’s CREATOR. Listen to this:

The ONE who sends an utterance to earth,
whose word runs swiftest in the world,

the giver of a snow like fleece,
who strews a frost like frigid ash,

who casts down hail like crumbs of bread
–before such chill, who can endure?–

but who, with but a word, can melt them all,
and by whose breath the waters flow
(Psalm 147 – KH)

The beauty and order of creation testify that the LORD is GLORIOUS. The joy we receive from creation testifies that the LORD is GOOD, that He delights in giving to His children. God’s name is ADONAI-JIREH, the LORD will PROVIDE.

Listen to this:

Providing with your open hand, you satisfy desire in all life.
So just is God in every way, so loving amid all the divine deeds.
Close by is God to all who call, to all who call to God in truth.
Responding to the yearning of all those who fear, God hears their cry and comes to
rescue them. (Psalm 145, KH)

Yes, God is close by to you, in this very place. Contemplate the glory of ELOHIM as displayed in His creation and remember the generosity of ADONAI-JIREH who provides everything you need.

Great is THE CREATOR, powerful should be our praise.
(Psalm 48, KH)


2 thoughts on “The Lord Will Provide

  1. I appreciate this thought today. It’s so nice to have someone in your life that knows you. They know the things you will enjoy and the things you take pleasure in.

    When I get a gift from a friend that is something they obviously saw and thought of me … it makes me feel really good. They are thoughtful enough to think about what I might want … not what they might want me to have.

    I am reminded by you today … that God is just like that. He created this world and everything in it … for me. He wanted it to be pleasing to me … He wanted me to be able to enjoy it.

    What better pleasure than seeing someone enjoy the gift you’ve given them. I thank Him today for giving me the good and perfect gifts that only He can give. I know that I look past His creation most of the time, but today I want to make sure and notice that He did this for me … He knows me.

    God is amazing … may I never cease to be amazed by Him.


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