The Promise….

I came across this poem and thought it appropriate to put here….how many of us as victims of abuse have tried to ignore the effects of abuse and in doing so not really lived-but only survived….It is my prayer that each one who visits this site will find someone to share their hearts with, someone willing to come alongside, to hold your hand, to listen to your heart and truly hear you, someone to trust….may you not suffer in silence….  ultimately my prayer is that you would come to believe and trust in  our Living God….He can heal you of your pain….He can take your wounded heart and not simply put a bandage on it but heal it completely…and then give it back to you, whole and made new….not so that you are numb to the abuse, but so that you can learn to live, to embrace life, to love-yourself and others….and in doing so the pain of the abuse will slowly fade into the background, no longer a controlling force in your life, or something to be hidden or fought….but rather these healed wounds will become a source of encouragement and healing for others… scars remind me of the grace of God…He spared me and I am thankful. Rather than letting these scars destroy me, they remind me of where I came from and the message I have now….they remind me of the tombstone that became my steppingstone…..


As I noticed myself becoming old and gray,

I knew it was time to visit the little girl of yesterday.

She had been kept safely hidden

In a place where others had been forbidden.

She knew I had to leave her long ago,

So one of us could find the strength to grow.

I promised her that I would someday return,

For she was my main concern.

No one could understand how her and I connect,

For I was the one present during the crime and neglect.

As I opened the door to yesterday,

I heard the sound of children happily at play,

But I noticed her sitting all alone and sad

Until our eyes met and she became glad.

We reunited by hugging and kissing one another

Like a beloved daughter and a mother.

I comforted her and dried away her tears

That were too painful for so many years.

As I looked in her small eyes of grey,

I told her that the monster had gone away.

She looked up at me and said,”I love you”

Then I replied, “I love you too”.

Someone who cared had finally set her free.

The little girl that I used to be.


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