On Veiled Beauty and Golden Eggs

Have you ever been the one who gets to hide the Easter eggs?  I have.  I filled the plastic pastel colored ovoids with little trinkets and hid most of them in obvious places.  I saved a few to hide in trickier places, places that take more effort and creativity to uncover.  Those are great fun!  But then there are the golden eggs.  I always bought one or two big golden eggs.  I put REAL treasure in those.  Now obviously I want my girls to find these eggs, right?  I mean that’s why I went to all the trouble.  So why, oh why did I decide to hide the golden eggs in impossible places?  Why not just stick them on the floor in the middle of the room?  Of course I couldn’t!  So during the whole hunt while the girls were running around giggling and squealing with discovery I was laughing at them but screaming on the inside, but the golden eggs, the GOLDEN EGGS!!!! 
Life is God’s Easter egg hunt.  When I think about the Beauty God built into the universe I realize that humans have been diligently unveiling His Beauty for millenia and have barely scratched the surface.  How that must delight and torture Him!  What great fun for us to hunt for it and how tragic to Him when we give up the search!
I was thinking something else.  Just as the greatest form of giving is anonymous, I think the greatest form of beauty ‘creation’ is the hidden kind.  How tough I find it to make something truly beautiful and not push for others to see it and applaud.  It reminds me of an Old Testament drink offering poured out on the ground.  Not wasted, but Offered to a Higher thirst.
One more thing.  If we are God’s little plastic eggs, I want to be a golden one.  I hope my Beauty is not the kind that runs out in front of me, but the kind that takes a little effort to unveil.  And I hope the effort is worth it.

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