A Romantic Interlude

I have a long commute to work.  It’s become my favorite time of the day.  I drive with God.  We often play music or listen to the Scriptures.  Sometimes I talk to Him and sometimes I just ride quietly and listen.  This morning I asked Him ‘do you love me?’  It just kind of spilled out and I immediately regretted it.  How would I feel if He didn’t answer?  I quickly packed the question away and before long I had been swept up in the music again.

I pulled into my parking spot and lingered a minute or two to hear the end of the song.  Yeah, it was one of those mornings.  I just couldn’t pull myself away.  I reluctantly turned the key and got out and shut the door.  This has been an amazing Spring.  At this moment Spring is at its peak.  I can just barely see the colors of the leaves still packed away tightly in their buds.  Their intensity is tantalizing.  Maybe it was the colors leaking through the cracks or maybe it was the aroma of newness that made me so acutely aware of my surroundings as I walked in to the building from my car.  A quartet of birds sang a chorus to me in an intricately woven countermelody.  The rays of the sun enfolded me like a golden blanket and the wind fell playfully upon my face in what felt like tender kisses.  By the time I passed through the door and swiped my badge I had a grin on my face that wouldn’t quit for hours.  I realized that my question had been answered. 

3 thoughts on “A Romantic Interlude

  1. Hi,
    This isn’t really where I am supposed to put this I don’t think, but I’m real new to the blog thing, but I followed your link on another forum. I read a bit of your story and felt pretty lost when you said you were leaving that forum for a bit. I know God has led me here for perhaps the last bit of my healing.
    How does this work, how can this community help me? I understand forums fairly well, but this I don’t. Can you tell me how this works?


  2. Yes welcome lizbethann (I’m partial to that name)! The main difference in a blog v. a forum is that your comments don’t automatically appear here. They have to wait until we get around to clicking ‘approve’. Also, there are two of us who write here so you have to look to see who wrote what — if that is important to you. Tamarshope and I have actually never met in person. We became friends over the internet on the Ransomed Heart forum. She is a great writer with a great heart who reached out to me when I was struggling. She also has done a lot of extensive research in the area of child abuse and is an excellent guide to finding healing. I’m adding stories I wrote down three years ago when I first faced the truth about my past in a thread called ‘A Farewell to Shame.’ I also write stuff I think about from time to time in ‘My Friend’ and ‘Random Musings’.

    For the most part we are new to the blogging world also, so we are learning along with you. Feel free to add comments to any of the posts, even the older ones. We’d love to continue a dialogue with you or others on these topics. We will see your comment and make an effort to respond in time. Our prayer is that we can learn and grow and heal together and that blogging about the journey will be useful to our fellow travelers.



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