The Alabaster Jar

Its been said God
that you put all my tears in your bottle……
that you catch each one gently in your hand,
careful not to let one drop,
whether with my groaning I drench my couch with my tears,
or the ones that silently fall…..

You whisper into my spirit,
you hear my prayers,
the hushed ones, the pleading ones, the outcry and the railings…..
And as I lay my head upon your chest, spent from the tears that flow,
I hear your heart beating for me and I know,
…..I just know.

You my Father have seen my tears
and You have promised to me your child
that my heart…..
our hearts….. you will heal,
the broken, the wounded,
the crushed in spirit and the beaten,
the bruised and battered
the lonely,
and the oppressed…..

And so my Lord, just like the woman who came to you
with her alabaster jar,
I come and kneel before you
washing your feet with my tears and with my hair I gently wipe them….
letting my tears cleanse your feet…. and my soul…..kissing your feet…..worshipping you,
and with my alabaster jar of fragrant oil
I anoint my Saviors feet

The fragrance permeating the room
as it bathes my soul
and as I worship
you take delight in the offering given…..

You take my face in your hands
and gaze into my eyes…..
Although I am afraid of what I will see there
I take the risk, the chance….and…..

I am broken once more

…..for in Your eyes I see
no condemnation, no disapproval,
no judgments, no displeasure

And I know that you see…..
you really see….
into my soul…

And your love….your compassion, your touch,
your kindness, your gentleness
envelops me like a warm blanket…..

and I walk away





my Jesus, my Jesus….

I am free……


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