Me and the Man in the Moon

copyrighted used with permission

A little girl in the back of a car,
in a safe, mechanical womb.
Look out the window and see him follow,
he’s the man in the moon.
Tell him your story; watch him hear,
as the car travels round the bend.
He follows along, casting a glow,
you might even think him your friend.
A dark Southern night, crickets call,
a heron glides through the sky.
The moon and the stars say that you’re real,
your heart weeps a small, silent cry.
The dragonfly’s real, as he hovers beside;
See his gossamer wings?
The nightingale’s call says he’s real.
There’s substance in all of these things.
But you’re not so certain about yourself.
Are you real or a fairytale dream?
A wisp of a thought wrapped and hidden away,
in a place that’s so still and serene.
Time passes by and you seem to be lost,
others have hurt you, I know.
You wait for so long in your silent tomb,
that the silence itself seems to grow.
Little girl, left behind and alone,
unseen where you’re hidden away;
little girl, it’s safe there inside the warm cave,
so that’s where you need to stay.
Time passes by, time stands so still,
you become one with the warm, earthen walls.
The warmth and the dark hide you within,
not even the lone heron calls.
Jellyfish wounds threaten your soul,
see how the scars slowly go?
You’re alright and you matter much,
though these things you don’t quite yet know.
Cry all your tears and then dry your sweet eyes,
hope rises with the moon. 
The warm Southern sky whispers to you,
you’re going to be free soon.
Yes, you’re going to be free soon.
The moon casts a glow, lighting the way,
the woods invite you to dare.
The mountains echo a song from above,
that the world needs you to share.
You’re so far away, as if long forgotten,
But, we’re coming back for you soon.
We haven’t forgotten, yes, we’re here for you now,
me, and the man in the moon.
D’vorah bat Avi ‘ad


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