Proverbs 16:3 says,” Commit your works to the Lord”. Have you ever asked yourself how this scripture may be applied to your own process of healing? Do you believe that God is really interested in your healing? Are you? Are you at the place that I finally came too where I was willing to commit my healing to the hands of God?
It is my prayer that today if you are reading here you too will begin to open the doors. It may be a long time before you can pry open some of them….and that’s okay. Many memories may be hidden behind them. You may become frightened as you begin to open them. You may become angry as you open them, even feel rage. You may weep and experience deep sadness. You may experience being alone more that you ever dared to imagine. I know, I experienced all of these.
But I made a commitment to not turn back. I was committed to new freedom, to feeling pure again, to healthy relationships.
I have this written in my journal:

I have been abused.

Today I will begin sharing my story, as I am able.

I will not keep it a secret any longer.

Today may you be willing to let God help you knowing that there is healing that only He can do alone.


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