Thou hast taken account of my wanderings;  Put my tears in Thy bottle;  Are they not in Thy book?  Psalm 56:8, NASB  

            Tears shed with a friend are self-healing.  The pain trapped within them evaporates with the water.  Tears shed alone last forever.  The water evaporates, but the pain remains.  As I take account of my life’s wanderings, I recall many lonely tears.  More than anything during those dark, desperate days, I longed for a friend to share my pain.  I dreamed of warm comforting arms to hold me, a soft soothing voice, and a safe hand to wipe away my tears.

            David courageously claims that God is such a Friend.  Could it be possible that God, the perfect Parent, keeps detailed records of our pain?  Does He save my tears in His bottle?  Does He record them in His book?  Could it even be possible that He was there longing to hold me just as I was longing to be held? 

            The writing that follows is an attempt to Know such a God.  It is as faltering and flawed as my journey toward Him.  I pray that it may somehow be of use.


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  1. Rebekah! You are officially the first comment of this blog. Thank you!

    As a child dealing with a crazy abusive family I always felt alone – even (or especially) when I was around people.

    Now I look forward to being alone. 1) because it rarely happens since my life is so full 2) because it’s a chance to feel God’s presence and speak intimately with Him. So even though I have a LONG way to go in healing from my past, I see progress in healing. Overwhelming at times, the progress stirs up gratitude in me. This blog is one way to get that gratitude out.

    Father, this is for YOU!


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